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Funeral Services


We offer funeral services for all faiths and philosophies.
To reflect our changing culture, Colliers offers secular and
non-denominational funeral services, in addition to traditional religious services. 

We understand that planning a funeral can feel overwhelming. Should you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know how we can help.

Civil Funerals

A civil ceremony offers an alternative for those who wish to have a funeral ceremony in keeping with the wishes of the deceased and their family, rather than a religious or “traditional” funeral. 

Our civil funerals are officiated by expert Celebrants, who will spend whatever length of time is necessary with you and your family to write a tribute that captures the story, the essence and the enduring spirit of the deceased. Music and poetry with special significance, hymns and prayers can help to ensure a memorable service. 

Ceremonies may be held at our funeral home, a crematorium or another venue chosen by the family, followed by burial or cremation.

Humanist Funerals

Like a civil funeral, a humanist funeral is also centred on the wishes of the deceased. A humanist service takes into account that the deceased did not accept or live by religious principles and recognised no after-life. The funeral celebrates the life of the deceased through music, readings of poetry and/or prose, and tributes paid by those they have left behind.